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PF Karting, Grantham

Survey conducted in Oct / Nov 2014, at the time, the track was Illuminated with 400w Metal Halide Floodlights.

The Client goals were to reduce downtime on the track caused by maintenance of the existing luminaires, they also required a significant increase in light levels on the track surface, whilst also reducing power consumption for the site.

Working closely with the Electrical Contractor, MG Lites conducted a full site survey, with the lighting poles already being installed it was essential that we utilise the correct optic to avoid glare and uniformity issues that were an existing problem at the track.

After taking time to compile a lighting design observing the customer requirements, it was evident that the correct luminaire to ensure reliable and long lasting operation would be the MG Lites Apollo – this luminaire is not only available with a wide range of outputs, it also offers a very high efficacy and a wide range of beam angles that made it possible to light the track with a high level of uniformity and significant increase in light levels across the entire course whilst reducing overspill of lighting into adjacent property at the site.

Many thanks to David Bowman of Bowman Electrical Services for his valuable feedback and outstanding installation practice during the project proposal and installation.





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