Tornado LED High Bay

The Tornado LED High Bay offers a unique outlook design, with highly effective heat dissipation methodology, excellent lighting efficiency and high stability LED luminaire engineered to be the ideal fixture for your environment.


The fitting can be used in industrial and logistic facilities, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centres and many more applications.


The Tornado LED High Bay has a variety of product specifications, with wattages from 170-260W. This series has three distinctive lens reflection angles of 45°, 75° and 100° PMMA and can therefore produce the best lighting efficiency at different heights.

With a unique specular aluminium reflector design for the reflection lens it produces a softer and more evenly distributed lighting effect. This series can be equipped with an optional lighting regulator from 0-10 step control Analog/PWM. It can also be connected with microwave sensor making the fitting as energy efficient as possible under different circumstances.

Wattage:- 170w, 220w, 260w

Lumens:- 20400lm to 31200lm

Colour Temp:- 4000k to 6000k

Warranty:- 5 Years

Other info:- IP65, dimmable /non dimmable driver, aluminium or PMMA reflector, MEANWELL driver

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