LED Saturn

The Saturn is a high efficiency LED Luminaire designed to accommodate T8 LED Lamps and LED boards. They are suitable for general lighting in open plan offices, call centres, reception areas and back offices.

● 5 year driver warranty as standard on board versions. 2 year warranty on
lamp versions.
● Board versions supplied with European driver
● IP20
● Complete with CAT2/LG3 Louvre

Wattage:- 20w, 30w, 35w, 50w, 60w, 70w, 2x18w, 2x24w, 2x28w

Lumens:- 2100m to 6200lm

Size:-  4ft, 5ft, 6ft

Warranty:- 5 year on ballast, 2 year on lamp

Features:- emergecny options, dimmable options

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