IP54 Downlight

The IP54 round recessed downlight has the following features:

● Die cast aluminium spun steel housing
● Passive extruded aluminium heat sink
● Protected from water spray in any direction
● XTM Xicata remote phosphor LED technology
● Ra83 Standard/ Ra83 Vibrant colour rendering up to 1300 lumens
● Ra98 Artist/ Ra95 vibrant colour rendering up to 1300 lumens
● System efficacy up to 129 lm/w
● LED module life rating 50,000 hrs L70/C3
● 1x2 step MacAdams over life
● 5 year warranty on LED system
● Colour consistent over life
● Dimming available
● UK design and manufacture


Wattage:- 4w, 7w, 10w, 13w

Lumens:-  400lm to 1300lm

Colour Temp:- 2700k to 6500k

Beam Angle (9mm LES):- 16°, 24°, 40° Twist-lock Reflector

Beam Angle (19mm LES):- 40°, 60° Twist-lock Reflector

Warranty:- 5 years

Finish:- White, black, grey

Options:-  3 Hour Emergency Pack/ Self Test 3 Hour Emergency pack/ 3 Hour Emergency DALI EM Pro

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