Canopy Light

Featuring Smart DIM technology our LED canopy light is ideal for petrol stations and car parks.


This smart canopy light will automatically dim to a pre-set level on no activity. The pre-set levels can be programmed from 10-90% output. When activated the canopy light operates at full output whilst people or vehicles are present. When the vehicle leaves the canopy light will remain at full output for the programmed time (10 seconds to 30 minutes).


The fitting can be surface mounted or recessed mounted as required.


Wattage:- 80w, 100w, 120w, 150w

Lumens:- 6,000lm to 14,000lm

Colour Temp:- 4000k to 6500k


Viewing Angle:- 90 degree standard, 60 & 120 available

Warranty:- 3 Years

Lifespan:- 50,000 hours

Other info:- IP66, aluminium body, tempered glass

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