Aries Waterproof Linear Flatbay

The Flatbay series are a family of sleek, lightweight and efficient luminaries designed for light industrial facilities, warehouses, production areas and workshops.

Key features:
● Special linear optical beam profile to maximise the use of light on the ground
● Designed with high quality polycarbonate cover and suspension clips
● Optional occupancy sensor or daylight sensor
● Light weight for easy installation
● Powder coated surface finishing available in various colours.

  • Wattage:- 110w, 165w, 220w

  • Lumens:- 10700lm to 21500lm

  • IP:- IP65

  • Colour Temp:- 4000k, 5000k, 5700k

  • Options:- Dimming, sensor

For full specification see PDF data sheet

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